Cosy Corner is taking a short summer break from August 1st to 23th.

During this closing period, you can send your booking requests via ou website or vy e - mail to

We wish you all a pleasant holiday , take care & look forward to seeing you on Monday August 17 in a great shape .

See you soon

Cosy Corner Team

Pending the end of the epidemic 














an office where coffee tastes good
an office where coffee is free
an office where you can work on the sofa
an office where you don’t have to work
an office where some show up at noon
an office where others leave at noon
an office that makes you want to go to the office
an office in the heart of Paris with a view of the park



















Cosy Corner. Welcome to your new office.





















Whether you are a free-lance professional, an artist, a screenwriter, an architect, a start upper, a student, a professor, an online poker player, a gamer, a surfer (on the web), an explorer (of websites), a compulsive luxury shoe shopper, a health food cook book writer, a translator of manuals into Japanese…

whatever your passion, you're welcome to come and indulge it at Cosy Corner.




















Cosy Corner. It’s a bit like home. 





















                                 a bit like home when kids go to summer camp
a bit like home when your husband isn’t using the vacuum cleaner
a bit like home when your neighbors are watching a silent movie
a bit like home when your roommate isn’t depressed
a bit like home when you didn’t forget to buy coffee



















Cosy Corner. Welcome home.




















Cosy Corner. It’s also a café.




















a café where drinks
are unlimited and free 
a café where you can
print out documents
a café with lots of outlets
to plug your computer in
a café that offers
delivery services
a café where the wifi
works fast and well
a café where you can
bring your own lunch



















Cory Corner. Welcome to the café.